Describing Peters Journey

Small pieces of dust goes in my eyes. Shivering in the cold hoping to find shelter soon. The wind sweeps through me as i shake intensely giving every part of my body goose bumps. I snuggle hoping to keep myself warm and cozy. My tummy rumbles like a roaring volcano, my throat dries like a Sechura desert. My feet screams silently in pain like stepping on sharp broken glass. My arms feel weak and pressured from all the heavy bags. I just want to rest. I wish we didn’t have to go through this. Why cant we have peace?



We were asked to do freeze frames and when we were frozen our teacher would tap us in the shoulder and we had to tell her how we were feeling. As we spoke someone would write what we said on the board. I replied with emptiness, emotionless and angry. After that our teacher gave us only 15 minutes to write about Peters Journey from a book called the “Treasure Box”.

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