A gentle fall of a colorless flake falls through a raging breeze of a chilled atmosphere. I take crunchy chaotic steps into a deserted alleyway. Through Inky isolated windows  and elderly fractured buildings, I spot rusty missing posters of children. A graffiti wall of unknown names is to my right. I write my name with a small piece of crumbly chalk making a horrible screeching sound, like nails on a chalkboard. A squeaky sound behind me has turned with confusion. I slowly walk closer. I step on the crispy snow and touch the fogged glass there it is, the doll that looked exactly like me down to every detail. I blink for a second, the doll vanishes, I try to open the door yet it won’t budge. I take a packed snowball into my hands. I fling the cloudy looking, meatball shape onto the door  with anger. I stomped my feet and walked away. An Intense creaking noise catches my attention. The door was slowly wide open. “Should I go in?”

I decide to go in, I look 360 around the gloomy room. A million beady eyes stare at my every move. My soaked rubber shoes lean onto the not so perfect tiles, making a sound. Many vintage or creepy objects with clingy spider webs in a cramped area. I glance at the doll, I tumble on a wooden toy bike it zooms and aims at the large door, the toy is desperate. The door closed before it could escape. I turn around and the doll is missing again. I wonder “how” I seek for the doll. I try to find a doll everywhere. Finally I spot the doll on the rustic shelf next to a very old doll. I slowly pull myself up to the stiff sofa. The sofa creaks, the toy bikes continue to bang.I remove my gloves and reach for the doll. “Almost there” then zap!

My whole life flashes in a heartbeat an ebony landscape and my silent screams my startled look and the blinding luminous light. Baby dolls in uncomfortable positions with gigantic grey meaningless eyes. I breath heavily,  a plastic sheen over my eyes, “where am I”, “what happened?” *Click* *click* I try to look around. Unpleasant squeals on the toy stand. It is a strawberry blonde looking doll with a comfy long printed dress. It was their next victim.

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