War – What are you taking and why are you taking it?

Bombs dropping, the ground shakes again. My instinct is run but before I do I run to my room in the blink of an eye. Snatching my most adored items. My friendship ring, my aunties necklace and my frightened dog.  Without hesitation I run outside my house as it falls apart into pieces and dust .

My Why

My Asian roots – My yummy foods

My love for sports – My blanket forts

My thick black hair – My jean skirt I wear

My catholic school – My imagination I rule

My k pop song  playlist – My friends I’ve missed

My love for winter – My my hate for ginger

My playful dog – My interesting blog

My last year in saint pats – My stray black cats

My messy room – My bubbly gum perfume

My blurry photos – My not stylish clothes

My friendship necklace – My friends are reckless

My brothers awful puns, My first place runs


About me

My name is Angelina. I am 12 years old in year 8. I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I have 2 siblings and 1 pet.  I love sports, playing online games, talking to my friends, taking photos outside my backyard and drawing or colouring. My favorite food is mango and related food items.

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