High Dive Giraffes

My hooves click and echo, I walk in slow motion. An infinite white, bright tile surrounds me like a never ending maze. My friends swing their long, furry mane left to right feeling joy. Someone in front of me  spots a weird looking camera, he stares at the empty dark lens, he wiggles his ears and continues to walk. Up we go to this twisted, twirly walk way.

I reach the top of the long loop of walkways. I freeze with fear in my deep black eyes. Something shocking happened. My friend was swaying upside down. Suspended on metal bars from the ceiling. Feeling terrified every second, one by one each giraffe leaps gracefully into the unknown. Until I hear loud splashes, that moment I realised I knew what was happening. I was thinking a lot, I was up next. “Breathe in, breathe out”. Zoom! I go to the bouncy platform, the air rushes behind me. I finally let myself free, I spin, I flip, I turn. 

I’m in mid air, my guts feel unearthly. My body heavily flops into the crystal sky blue water. I try to catch my breath, slowly going up to the surface, bubbles of different shapes cling onto me making me feel light as a feather. A wisp of water travels into my face. I get out of the water excitedly dashing  onto the top once again. Suddenly everyone started to bend down for a sip of water, they were like dominos. Still following and the smell of chlorine is sickeningly toxic. The taste was unpleasant, I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. Finally we sprinted to the exit.



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